Purpose & Goal
Acts 2:42, “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

The early church demonstrates to us that worship consisted of more than just music. At Redeemer Tri-Cities, we worship together through biblical preaching, prayer, music, giving, & communion.

Worship in Word

At Redeemer Tri-Cities, you will find an environment that teaches the Bible and talks a lot about Jesus. We believe that the entire Bible is God’s message of how man can have a right relationship with God; therefore, the message of the gospel and Jesus is the focus of our teaching. At any given time, you will find that we are teaching through a book of the Bible in a verse by verse format. Come and be part of a covenant community dedicated to understanding the Word of God that reveals the God we worship.

Worship in Prayer

We believe that God is Sovereign and is still powerful to work in this world. We do not rely on the power of man to change lives, but the power of God. When we gather, we pray together as community of Christ followers, with the belief that God has power to change lives. We do not simply want to sprinkle prayer throughout our weekly gathering, but we want to rely on the power of God which results from those who call on his name.

Worship in Music

The music is not the warm up act that brings people into the mood of worship, but rather a result of a heart that is already worshipping. When we sing at Redeemer, we are responding to the work of God that has been performed in our lives. We desire to have the music aid in having the entire congregation cry out with one voice in worship. The music should identify with our lives, culture, and emotions, while still expressing the message of the gospel and work of Jesus on the cross.

Worship in Giving

We believe that all good things come from God. Our strength, wealth, and possessions are all gifts from God. We believe that sacrificial living is a response to the goodness of God (ultimately the gospel). At Redeemer, we sacrificially give of our time and money because we believe it is a means to worship God. We do not promote an environment that pursues obligatory giving, but a place where people give as a response to the work of Jesus in their lives. If you are visiting Redeemer as a guest, please don’t feel obligated to give. But if you are making Cornerstone your church home, we encourage you to faithfully and generously give as a part of your worship experience.

Worship in Communion

The church is instructed to proclaim Christ’s sacrificial death. The Apostle Paul teaches that we do proclaim his death as often as we celebrate the Lord’s Table or Communion together (1 Corinthians 11:26). At Redeemer, we believe that we must make our worship about the gospel and the work of Jesus; therefore, we celebrate Christ’s death through Communion weekly. We invite all those who have a personal relationship with Jesus and have been baptized to partake in the Lord’s table to celebrate Christ’s death as a community.