Our Vision
We are driven by 4 gospel identities. We are, family, servants, disciples & missionaries
We Are Family
Since God has restored us to himself, forgiven our sin, and removed his wrath from us by placing it on his own Son, we have become children of God, holy and dearly loved by our Father! Therefore, we are God’s children and his people in the world, a community that does for each other what God has done for us in Jesus, that the world might taste and see the goodness of our Father.
We Are Servants
Jesus not only rules supremely over all the earth, but he intentionally disadvantaged himself for the sake of others. Because Jesus was willing to serve us to the point of death, we are committed to serving each other and our cities. We humbly and sacrificially serve by blessing people in word, deed and gifts.
We Are Disciples
Since we don’t have it all together, rather, we are called into a lifelong journey of humbly learning how to follow Jesus.  To do this, we dedicate ourselves to understanding our story and our culture’s story through the lens of the biblical story. All for the purpose of moving from unbelief to belief in every area of life as we grow into our new identity in Jesus.
We Are Missionaries
Since God has come to re­store and redeem all of creation through Jesus, his healing work extends to people, systems, cultures, and all of crea­tion! Therefore, we are God’s ambassadors or representa­tives, sent into our culture by the Holy Spirit, commissioned to proclaim and demonstrate that God is restoring the world to Himself through Jesus.