We are officially partnered with: The Southern Baptist Convention, the Northwest Baptist Association and the Columbia Basin Baptist Association and therefore ascribe to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000

The Gospel Coalition

 is a group of pastors and churches that exist to promote gospel-centered ministry and biblically-faithful resources for the church. Redeemer Tri-Cities shares the doctrinal convictions and theological vision for ministry as outlined in their Foundation Documents.

Desiring God Ministries

 has influenced Redeemer Tri-Cities primarily through the writing and preaching of Pastor John Piper. Though we are not in formal affiliation with Desiring God, we share John Piper’s convictions about the Bible’s teaching on God’s sovereignty, salvation, mission, suffering, and the way one should live the Christian life.

Soma is a family of churches who believe gospel communities on mission are the primary organizing structure of the church and the most effective means for developing gospel-centered disciples.