We are the family of God, on mission, being disciples who make disciples so that the joy of the Gospel transforms our city.

Statement of Faith
Our Vision
Our Pastors
Our Partnerships
Gospel Communities
Redeemer gathers together in what we call “Gospel Communities.” The name is a bit long and perhaps awkward, but it speaks to the identity that God has given to his church. The Gospel being foundational to all that we are as Christians, the life transforming power of God to everyone who believes and what binds us together as the Family of God and the centerpiece of our faith. Community implies that we will be this people together, partnering in order to do the work God has sent us to do in our city and lovingly caring for one another in the process. What we envision with our Gospel Communities is the church of Jesus being taken into the mission field here in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.

We envision the church being so committed to bringing re­demption and wholeness to our City that our city begins to ask questions, giving us the opportunity to proclaim Jesus.

We envision people walking in humble obedience to the radi­cal call of Jesus to love our neighbors as ourselves. This is all done, not as individuals on our own mission, but as a community on mission together.

We envision Christians pooling their resources and energies for the good of the community, actually making the community a better place to live for everyone, as a testimony to the way God will one day make all things right.

We want to see Jesus’ Church doing what it was put here to do rather than just trying to stay afloat, remaining aloof from the culture, or burning people out through churchy programs. At Redeemer we don’t just go to Church. We are the Church and this drives us to be a community of Christ-Followers on Mission.
Most of all, we want to see our community come to know and experience the powerful love of God in Jesus, find hope and joy in Him, and join us in this great mission to our community!
What is the Gospel?
Our story, who we are, how we live… it’s all about Jesus. By God’s grace, we are learning as a family to allow who Jesus is and what he has accomplished on our behalf to saturate everything about us. Even if you’ve heard it before, begin here with the gospel. You might be surprised. We hope you’re impressed with Jesus (not us) and he takes your breath away.
Identity & Rhythms
Who we are is because of Jesus and how we live in the everyday is because of Jesus. The letters in the New Testament show this pattern over and over: the gospel, our new identity because of the gospel and then how we should live in light of that.
We’ve been shaped by the ancient biblical ways of being the family of God on mission and by considering how we bring that to our modern contexts. Gospel Communities are primary, but we also value the larger gatherings where our GCs come togther to celebrate, learn, and worship.
Fight Clubs
A Fight Club usually consist of three people—men with men, women with women—who meet together weekly to be known and to bring the gospel to bear on each others lives so that they grow in and live out our Identity and Rhythms. Within our fight clubs we long for DNA, which stands for Discipleship, Nurture and Accountability.

Redeemer Tri-Cities
Where: 4100 Road 100, Pasco, WA 99301
When: Sundays @ 10 am
Phone: 509-999-0807
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